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Cue Trax Drops New Music Video For Single Endorsed By Hot 97’s Dj Magic, Diamond District @cuetrax

Coming off an endorsement from Hot 97’s own DJ Magic, Cue Trax dropped the official music video for his most recent single, Diamond District… take a listen!   What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Cue Trax’s Diamond District HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!

New R&B Sensation L. Rucus Drops New Hit Single, Do Ya Dance feat. Marley McNealy

This is my first time hearing of Vallejo artist L. Rucus, but after listening to his most recent single, Do Ya Dance, featuring Marley McNealy, I’m assuming this won’t be the last… Take a listen and let us know your thoughts!   What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is L. Rucus’ s Do Ya Dance…

Dxniel 2:9 Drops Some R&B Heat In New Single, Killer In The Sky @DxnielTwoNine

Could Dxniel 2:9 be the new Frank Ocean? You be the judge – check out his most recent single entitled, Killer In The Sky, produced by GIGS510.  It’s absolute R&B fire!   What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Dxniel 2:9’s Killer In The Sky HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!

Keith’ More-Fire Brings Some Old School Influence In New Catchy Single, Sugar

Cuz I’m cool like dat’… Keith’ More-Fire takes a little piece from Digable Planet’s classic cult favorite “Cool Like Dat” and adds some new school influence and R&B-based breakdowns in his new single, Sugar.  This pops.  Take a listen.   If you’re feeling Keith’ More-Fire, make sure to follow him at his social media links…

Martin Suarez Brings Some HEAT In New Single, Faded #HeatOfTheWeek

  If you haven’t heard of 22 year old New Jersey native Martin Suarez yet, you might soon… check out his most recent single, Faded, and let us know what you’re feeling in the comment section below!   Seriously, what do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Martin Suarez’s Faded HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in…

J. Harden Brings Melodic Fire In New Single, Old School

J. Harden dropped some visuals filled with ass and a dope song in his newest single, Old School, courtesy of LKELS, which can be found on J. Harden’s most recent album I’m Da Man. What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is J. Harden’s newest single, Old school, HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the…

J. Hanna x Zquizzy Drop New Single, Flip Phone (Ft Bankie iZ)


J. Hanna dropped his newest single featuring Zquizzy, Flip Phone… and it’s HOT…

J. Hanna is an emerging producer based out of Nashville, TN. After working with the likes of Lorine Chia, Kid Cudi, Gucci Mane and more, he has begun to release music under his own name. As one of the top producers to come out of Cleveland in the past ten years, J Hanna has teamed up with LA based producer Z Quiz and Cleveland / Atlanta rapper Bankie iZ to create the hit track ‘Flip Phone’. This track sets the standard for new age rap music that is the perfect balance of electronic elements, hip hop and flow. Also, the lyrical creativity throughout the song paint a picture in the imagination of the listener as the story unfolds.

Since the launch of his solo career, J Hanna has had immediate success with tracks such as his “Throw Sum Mo” remix, “Flip Phone,” and original track “Blunted” feat Bankie iZ and Ben West, both with over 6k plays. He has received support from blogs such as Im From Cleveland, Elevator Mag, We Stay Chill, Ohio Streets, Undertone and Original Mattress and is releasing music through NYC based Wild Society Records.

What do you think hip hop truthers?  Is Flip Phone HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!


Sy Jones Comes With More R&B Fire In Hot New Single, I Don’t Wanna Wait


Sy Jones takes a new R&B perspective to Paula Cole’s popular hit, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”….

Another smooth mixture of melodic poetry and vocal inspiration, Los Angeles R&B star Sy Jones comes with another amazing R&B track entitled, I Don’t Wanna Wait.  The hook is sure to not only be recognized as a lyrical sample from Paula Cole’s popular 1996 classic, “I Don’t Want To Wait”, but will surely impress you with Sy’s impressive vocal range continues to wow his audience.  I Don’t Wanna Wait appears on Sy Jones’s newest mixtape, “Love Sycle”, courtesy of Arkitek Records.

Check out much more of Sy Jones and his hit single, I Don’t Wanna Wait on his social media networks listed below!






Los Angeles R&B Sensation Sy Jones Releases Newest Single, STORM


Sy Jones brings a breath of fresh air in the world of R&B…

The first new breath of fresh air in the world of R&B, Los Angels R&B sensation Sy Jones releases his newest single entitled, Storm.  Storm is a late night love making session that will introduce women to a new face in R&B music. The soon to be R&B mogul Sy Jones has now introduced himself, courtesy of Arkitek Records.  Be on the look out for more hot R&B from Sy Jones soon!

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