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New R&B Sensation L. Rucus Drops New Hit Single, Do Ya Dance feat. Marley McNealy

This is my first time hearing of Vallejo artist L. Rucus, but after listening to his most recent single, Do Ya Dance, featuring Marley McNealy, I’m assuming this won’t be the last… Take a listen and let us know your thoughts!   What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is L. Rucus’ s Do Ya Dance…

Sy Jones Comes With More R&B Fire In Hot New Single, I Don’t Wanna Wait


Sy Jones takes a new R&B perspective to Paula Cole’s popular hit, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”….

Another smooth mixture of melodic poetry and vocal inspiration, Los Angeles R&B star Sy Jones comes with another amazing R&B track entitled, I Don’t Wanna Wait.  The hook is sure to not only be recognized as a lyrical sample from Paula Cole’s popular 1996 classic, “I Don’t Want To Wait”, but will surely impress you with Sy’s impressive vocal range continues to wow his audience.  I Don’t Wanna Wait appears on Sy Jones’s newest mixtape, “Love Sycle”, courtesy of Arkitek Records.

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Los Angeles R&B Sensation Sy Jones Releases Newest Single, STORM


Sy Jones brings a breath of fresh air in the world of R&B…

The first new breath of fresh air in the world of R&B, Los Angels R&B sensation Sy Jones releases his newest single entitled, Storm.  Storm is a late night love making session that will introduce women to a new face in R&B music. The soon to be R&B mogul Sy Jones has now introduced himself, courtesy of Arkitek Records.  Be on the look out for more hot R&B from Sy Jones soon!

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