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Darkside BayBay Releases New Album, Time 2 Eat [Full Review] @darksidebaybay

Darkside BayBay Time 2 Eat Full Review

  Darkside BayBay paints a picture that dreams can be accomplished despite one being raised in a tarnished environment… Altogether, Darkside BayBay’s Time 2 Eat albumĀ has a surreal feel to it and a down to earth rawness. Most Artists mostly differ in variety and flavor from song to song, but this music is raw throughout…

EsZ Drops Fire In Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram) (Full Review)

esz maybe im trippin seen u on da gram

Picture a young Drake mixed with Chance the Rapper… …combine those two phenoms into a smooth, one of a kind lyricistic flow and you have upcoming New York emcee EsZ. EsZ recently dropped his single, Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram), taking a bold, yet often overlooked scenario in which we’ve all encountered……