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EsZ Brings Drake & Big Sean Influence In New Single, Away From Me [Full Review] @Estylez

EsZ Goes Off In New Single, Away From Me… We’ve featured EsZ before and he never seems to disappoint.  He dropped his newest single, Away From Me – and it’s f*cking doughpness.  Soooo, we wrote a full review about it. Take a listen – you won’t be disappointed!  Now, for the full full, you know,…

Fairly New Artist Yung Poe Releases Newest Single, Notd

  Yung Poe has been doing this for just over a year and dropped his first mixtape, DRIPS ’08.  Keep an eye on this guy and his take on hip hop after breaking the ice with this single, Notd. What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Yung Poe’s Notd HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in…

Campaign Fugi, Newest Artist of Wealthy Habits Entertainment, Brings New Single, 6305


Wealthy Habits Entertainment introduces new artist, Campaign Fugi – releases new single, 6305.

It’s no secret that Wealthy Habits is having a huge impact to the Chicago hip-hop industry. Tim Emini, the founder, provides all the management tools all of the artists need. Wealthy Habits recently added Campaign Fugi to be a part of a team that is inches from success. Fugi is the youngest artist Wealthy Habits has ever introduced. After listening to “6305” on his Souncloud, I can assure you that you will need to hear more. Fugi has one of the more distinct flows and voices of any new artist in the game. It is obvious that Wealthy Habits has made a beneficial move. We can only sit and patiently wait to see some videos and new tracks being pushed by this artist. Tim Emini has made an announcement that there will be shows in the near future, no surprise. This kid has the music and energy, all he needs is the stage.


Artist Name: Campaign Fugi
Artist Song: 6305
Artist Group: Wealthy Habits

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Dash D.U.B. Drops New Duce Duce Entertain Gang Single #NewHipHop @DashDUB @DuceDuceEnt



Milwaukee’s own Dash D.U.B. drops his new single entitled Duce Duce Entertain Gang featuring labelmates Mike Locke, Victor Stoniallo, & Vision.  Listen Exclusively Here!