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EsZ Brings Drake & Big Sean Influence In New Single, Away From Me [Full Review] @Estylez

EsZ Goes Off In New Single, Away From Me… We’ve featured EsZ before and he never seems to disappoint.  He dropped his newest single, Away From Me – and it’s f*cking doughpness.  Soooo, we wrote a full review about it. Take a listen – you won’t be disappointed!  Now, for the full full, you know,…

EsZ Drops Another Soulful Single, Mia Nia (Full Review)


Let’s Just Call Her Mia Nia…

Flowing alongside a bouncy/urban/ethnic beat laced with catchy piano chords, Erron ( EsZ ) melodically paints a story of a past relationship/lover in his newest single, Mia Nia..

Mia Nia stands for “Missing In Action” – “Name Is Anonymous” – Dope.

EsZ soulfully blendss his inner contemporary influence of J Cole and Drake together as he illustrates a past, failed relationship after “Mia Nia” goes off to college.  As any relationship cycle goes, the beginning was the best.  But just as many relationships do, Mia Nia went MIA and thoughts start erupting.  Where is she?  What’s she doing with her life?  And the most important question,

If we were to stay together, what could have been ours now?

EsZ has a gift for words, and Mia Nia is no exception.  I’d like to say first of all, that any girl whose looks can be compared to Aaliyah is all right in my book.  But the question remains,


Only EsZ knows, and it sounds like it’s intended to stay that way.  I mean he describes in the end, as he slows it down to a soulful chant-esque extended ending bridge, that he does, in fact, still have the pictures.  Wish you would have kept the video?!  Coming from a dude, we don’t delete that kind of stuff – I vote the video’s still out there.  Somebody start a Kickstarter page to convince EsZ to release the tape. haha.

Seriously though, Mia Nia is dope.   The song is beautiful.  The tone and vocal arrangement is on point.  The metaphors are there as usual.  Don’t believe me?  “Empty promises always seem to chase empty glasses”  TRUE THAT.

Sooo,  Let’s just call her Mia Nia…  The hook is dope.  I just had to write it one more time…

I’ve listened to Mia Nia bout 5 times on repeat now, but what do you think hip hop truthers?!  Is EsZ’s Mia Nia HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!


EsZ Drops Fire In Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram) (Full Review)

Picture a young Drake mixed with Chance the Rapper… …combine those two phenoms into a smooth, one of a kind lyricistic flow and you have upcoming New York emcee EsZ. EsZ recently dropped his single, Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram), taking a bold, yet often overlooked scenario in which we’ve all encountered……

EsZ Drops Jewels In Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram)


This kid’s got something… his name is EsZ

Check out his newest single for Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram), exclusively on Hip Hop Honesty.

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