EDDE6D Comes With New Single, YMMD @EDDE6D


EDDE6D dropped his newest single, YMMD today – what do you think?  HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!


EDDE6D Dropped The Video For Kodeine Saint – You Might Want To Be Be High For This… [Full Review] @EDDE6D

The limits have been pushed with this twisted, bizarre representation of a scenery filled with codeine addicts who proudly admit to their over usage of the notorious narcotic. As controversial as this song may appear on the surface it nonetheless denotes a trapped individual crying out for help from the lord almighty to relieve him…

Grab Your Downers, EDDE6D Dropped Audio For New Single, Kodeine Saint @EDDE6D

I’m not saying to do hard drugs, kids… but you might need to start when you listen to EDDE6D’s new single, Kodeine Saint… To keep up to date with all that EDDE6D has coming up in the near future, follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud. What do you think hip hop truthers? Is EDDE6D’s Kodeine Saint HOT or…