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MIDDLEBROWRITERS Carry Around A Girl In The Woods In The Oddest Video Of The Month, slutbucket // everyday

Ok, so this video for slutbucket // everyday is pretty fucked up… It’s a wooded scene, two dudes, a passed out girl (I can’t confirm she’s dead but the odds aren’t in her favor), and then what looks to be a joy ride afterwards. Don’t want to take my word for it?  Seriously, check it out…

Dayron Da Hustla Drops Obama & Palin-Infused Jokes With Visuals For Single, Droppin’ Bombs

Check out the intro to this Droppin’ Bombs single by Dayron Da Hustle.  HILARIOUS. Dayron Da Hustle brings you a 50 cent diss song featuring some pretty great Obama and Palin-infused jokes to kick off the video.  Take a listen and let us know if 50 should be worried if he heard this…   What…

Tjuan Benafactor Dropped The ABA’s Official Video, Dunk @TjuanBenafactor

Tjuan Benafactor dropped the official music video of the American Basketball Association (ABA) in honor of the league celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, courtesy of Arucca Flyboy.   What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Tjuan Benafactor’s Dunk HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!

MAI Releases Quick Visuals For Hard Hitting Single, OPTIONS @celaviedmai

  Woooohhh, this beat goes HARD.  Take a look at Ireland’s own Mai’s most recent video for her single, Options, produced by Tokyo Boy Beats….  If you’re feeling what MAI is bringing at you, make sure to follow her at her social media links listed below: Twitter Instagram   What do you think hip hop…

BREAKING: Troy Ave Shot During T.I. Concert In New York – One Dead

It has been confirmed through Troy Ave’s management on Twitter through Karen Civil that Troy Ave has been shot in the leg at New York’s Irving Plaza tonight at T.I.’s concert. According to those on site, Troy Ave’s posse was involved in a confrontation that eventually led to Troy Ave and 3 others being shot,…

Talib Kweli’s Wife, DJ Eque, Discusses Her New DJ Album & Beauty Regimen

Check it out as SkinGab TV sits down with celebrity DJ, DJ Eque, as they talk about her beauty regimen, skin care, and her new DJ album.   What do you think hip hop truthers?!  Let us know in the comment section below!

DJ Kronic Beats Drops New Future’ish Sounding Beat, Blood Diamonds

DJ Kronic Beats dropped his new Future x Young Thug Type Beat called Blood Diamonds, and it’s fire… If you are an artist looking to Buy Beats Online visit   What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Blood Diamonds HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!

Will Money$ Drops In-House Performance Video For New Single, 1988

North Carolina native Will Money$ dropped an in-house webcam video for his newest single, 1988, which can be found on his latest EP – Carolina Rebel.   What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Will Money$’ 1988 HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!

Professor A.L.I. Drops Interesting Conspiracy Video In 2pac In Tamil Video @professorali

Professor A.L.I. dropped the official video for his newest single, 2pac In Tamil, courtesy of 12 Recordz.  2pac In Tamil can be heard on Professor A.L.I.’s newest album, Tamilmatic.   What do you think hip hop truthers?!  Is Professor A.L.I.’s 2pac in Tamil HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!

Ace Cartar Drops Some Smooth Jazz Influence In New Single, Soul Searching @comebackkiiid13

Anthony “Ace Cartar” Tolud came into this world on November 4th at 5:55 am. Since a very young age he’s had a keen ear for Jazz & Caribbean music. Yet it was upon listening to 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying” that he began writing his own style of gangster rap, which only grew…