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EsZ Drops Another Soulful Single, Mia Nia (Full Review)


Let’s Just Call Her Mia Nia…

Flowing alongside a bouncy/urban/ethnic beat laced with catchy piano chords, Erron ( EsZ ) melodically paints a story of a past relationship/lover in his newest single, Mia Nia..

Mia Nia stands for “Missing In Action” – “Name Is Anonymous” – Dope.

EsZ soulfully blendss his inner contemporary influence of J Cole and Drake together as he illustrates a past, failed relationship after “Mia Nia” goes off to college.  As any relationship cycle goes, the beginning was the best.  But just as many relationships do, Mia Nia went MIA and thoughts start erupting.  Where is she?  What’s she doing with her life?  And the most important question,

If we were to stay together, what could have been ours now?

EsZ has a gift for words, and Mia Nia is no exception.  I’d like to say first of all, that any girl whose looks can be compared to Aaliyah is all right in my book.  But the question remains,


Only EsZ knows, and it sounds like it’s intended to stay that way.  I mean he describes in the end, as he slows it down to a soulful chant-esque extended ending bridge, that he does, in fact, still have the pictures.  Wish you would have kept the video?!  Coming from a dude, we don’t delete that kind of stuff – I vote the video’s still out there.  Somebody start a Kickstarter page to convince EsZ to release the tape. haha.

Seriously though, Mia Nia is dope.   The song is beautiful.  The tone and vocal arrangement is on point.  The metaphors are there as usual.  Don’t believe me?  “Empty promises always seem to chase empty glasses”  TRUE THAT.

Sooo,  Let’s just call her Mia Nia…  The hook is dope.  I just had to write it one more time…

I’ve listened to Mia Nia bout 5 times on repeat now, but what do you think hip hop truthers?!  Is EsZ’s Mia Nia HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!


Perception The Author Drops Heartfelt Video About Domestic Abuse In New Video For Get Up Outta Here (Frozen) [Full Review] @perceptionreal

Britain native Perception The Author dropped the official visuals for his newest single, Get Up Outta Here (Frozen), and damn it’s deep… Perception The Author takes you on a visual journey through the hell and torment that a domestic abuse victim faces throughout their daily lives.  What most of us take advantage of, some women…

The Official Arti$t Drops Heavy Hitting, Dream-Oriented Mixtape, Roundtable (Full Review) @ARTIST7ANDERSON


Artist Anderson aka The Official Arti$t, born and raised in Richmond, VA dropped his most recent album, Roundtable, and it’s filled with fluent lyrics put to head-nodding, rock-heavy beats that paint a vivid picture of who The Official Arti$t really is…

In The Official Arti$t’s first track, “Who Am I”, he inexplicably explains quite literally – who he is. It’s a 4 minute reach into the mind of Artist Anderson, where at one point is quoted as saying, he’s not a rapper – he’s an artist. Preach.

Throughout the album are definite proud references to his home city of Richmond, Virginia. Understanding where one comes from and how that location has shaped you as not only an artist, but a person, is important. The Official Arti$t does just that. Props to Richmond for what you’re putting out right now.

Artist takes a turn for an R&B approach on his single, No More Back and Forth, which gives a nice switch-up from the previous rock-heavy, hard hitting instrumentals on tracks such as “Money Power Respect.” Damn, that beat.

The second half of The Official Artist’s mixtape, Roundtable, slows down with a more melodic approach, with features of light-sounding determinated hooks on Top Of The World. This is probably one of my favorite songs on the album – that beat just gets me motivated. Dwamn.

Overall, The Official Arti$t’s mixtape, Roundtable, hits fucking hard. He’s chosen producers that decisively blend instrumentals with his voice correctly. His lyrics are on point and have real meaning.

The album is about figuring out, reaching towards, and achieving your dreams, which in my honest opinion is a pretty damn good message. To quote The Official Arti$t on his single off Roundtable, Top of The World, “Cuz I learned that giving up is simply something you decide…”


Make sure to keep up to date with Artist Anderson aka The Official Arti$t on his Twitter & Youtube channels below.


Download The Official Arti$t’s mixtape, Roundtable, HERE.

What do you think Hip Hop Truthers?! Is Roundtable Hot or Not?! YOU decide in the comment section below!


TalentDisplay Wants His Message Remembered In New, “After I’m Gone” Single (Full Review)



If you want a cool, amped, but lax song to motivate you to never give up on your dreams, After I’m Gone, courtesy of TalentDisplay, is the song for you…

In an instrumental laced with kicks and synths resembling that of a classic Sean Paul song, TalentDisplay puts his smooth, melodic-toned voice to work. The beat is produced by MeliOne and Eyal Mulia, and the choice of collaboration amongst the three prove to be a winning combination.

Think about how many times someone has told you – that’s not going to work; this will never happen. NOW, just say fuck that. Seriously.

TalentDisplay has a creative way to convey that message that regardless or not if he’s around…

…his message lives on through his music. NEVER GIVE UP. Stay motivated. Listen to the song, TalentDisplay has a gifted way of getting the sought-after dream message through.

After I’m Gone appears on TalentDisplay’s upcoming project, “Loyalty Is Everything.”

What do you think Hip Hop Truthers?  Is TalentDisplay’s “After I’m Gone” hot or not? YOU decide in the comment section below!


Legacy Keys Comes With EDM-Hop Anthem Of The Summer – Bass Drop (Full Review)



Picture women on the beach, bowl packed, and Corona in hand…

Minneapolis native Legacy Keys paints a picture of what life is like in the summers of Minnesnowta…

Meet Legacy Keys – Half EDM, Half Hip Hop lyricist. When the original synths hit, that feeling of “Fuck it, I’m drinking… because it’s Summer” quickly sets into your mind.

Legacy Keys kicks things off with a crisp vocal attonement varying that of a 2015 even lighter skinned Pitbull. It’s good. Smooth flow and a great concept are a recipe for a hit.Accompanying Legacy Keys on the vocals is Mike Less, who has switch up in styles that show off not only his consistent delivery, but his ability to adapt and punctuate a portion of the verse that needs to be capitalized on.

The hook of Bass Drop is accompanied by a mix of synths and samples, combined together by a distinct turntable scratch that makes the chorus, which transitions perfect as the third verse is shared by the duo — swapping back between two bar setups and ending with the chant of the summer…

So fuck it… grab a beer, light a blunt, and throw on some Bass Drop by Legacy Keys. Summer is here!


Bass Drop appears on Legacy Key’s newest album entitled, “That Life”.

What do you think hip hop truthers? Is Legacy Keys Hot or not?! You decide in the comment section below!


EsZ Drops Fire In Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram) (Full Review)

Picture a young Drake mixed with Chance the Rapper… …combine those two phenoms into a smooth, one of a kind lyricistic flow and you have upcoming New York emcee EsZ. EsZ recently dropped his single, Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram), taking a bold, yet often overlooked scenario in which we’ve all encountered……

Sarkodie Is Africa’s Tech N9ne – Ace Hood Drops Bombs (Full New Guy Video Review) @Sarkodie @Acehood

Sarkodie NEEDS to be on a remix of Worldwide Choppers… I hate comparing artists because I truly believe everyone has their own style and sense of deliverability, but Sarkodie proves in his new official video for New Guy, featuring We The Best recording artist Ace Hood, that he is Africa’s Tech N9ne.  Originating from Ghana,…

Trigga Trend Releases An Ode To The World’s Most Dangerous Crew With New Single, DOPEMAN (Review)


I always get excited when I get a tip to check out a song that pays homage to an old school rap crew that I’ve admired my whole life… Trigga Trend’s, Dopeman, is one of those songs…

An ode to the world’s most dangerous crew, NWA, Trigga Trend has a clear knack for transcribing not only the old school message of NWA’s old school classic, Dopeman, but the instrumental produced by Chase Davis  reminds me of the new school rendition of Boyz-N-The-Hood.

The message is clear about grinding, being the neighborhood dopeman, where money is the mission.  Not only does this rendition speak about the life of a true dopeman, it qualifies as the new rendition of the true act of hustling.  The daily struggle of what it takes to gain what you long to achieve, whether that’s hustling in your own act and ways, or being the neighborhood dopeman.

Get that money, Trigga Trend, Dopeman is… dope.

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Babyy OG Drops New Heartfelt Single, No One’s Home (Full Review)


Babyy OG comes with an ode to what every man in the world has thought at some point in his life…

Babyy Og’s newest single, No One’s Home, courtesy of H3 Entertainment, starts out with a powerful, yet calming melodic instrumental almost instantly laced with Babyy Og’s smooth flow. It becomes quickly apparent that he feels quite relaxed in his environment, as his calming, yet unscripted raw voice goes perfect with the beat.

An ode to a somewhat crazy ex that refuses to leave Babyy Og’s life, I feel we can all relate to the situation that he’s been experiencing. To quote a bar in his second verse, Babby states:

“If I had an explanation I would give you one, she want everything under the sun… and the sun.”

True that. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

No One’s Home is a perfect mix combining the love that one can share for a woman, even if that woman doesn’t reciprocate back with the greatest intention. Even if she does, it seems to be gone within a short amount of time, yet the feelings don’t disappear that easily. Babyy OG is preaching what most men in the world have thought throughout their mind at some point in their life.

We’re looking forward to hearing more of Babyy OG and the rest of the H3 Entertainment crew. Be on the lookout for more hot fire in the future. I spoke with a representative from H3 and rumor has it a visual for No One’s Home may be in the works for this upcoming summer – check it out soon exclusively on Hip Hop Honesty!


The Care Package EP Released By Chicago’s New White Hope, DaZs (Full Review)



Head to your local corner store and pick up your favorite pack of blunt wraps – we have some new smoking music to present to you! Seriously, you can almost smell the beautiful aroma of good herb coming from the speakers the second you press play on DaZs’s newest mixtape, The Care Package, released courtesy of the Sour Batch Kids.

The Care Package hits you right out the gate with a melodic, gritty instrumental produced by ICDMAW which seems to mix perfectly with DaZs‘s raw, raspy, yet calming voice. The relentless passion to become successful and claim what is rightfully his becomes clearly apparent throughout The Care Package, and the theme sticks like glue.

A mixture of hard bass and piano-tuned beats accompanies the ever-so-natural flow of DaZs, and it’s quite obvious he’s in his natural environment from the get-go. The theme throughout The Care Package combines a mixture of love, loyalty, and over-your-head punchlines that paint a Salvador Dali-esque surreal picture of the true dream and relentless pursuit of becoming successful.

With the overflow of emerging new faces in the game and a heavy emphasis on individuality and conscience rap themes, DaZs has a knack for individually incorporating common themes of popular modern hip hop with his own style, staying out of the box on one track, then trapping you in a box in the next track (and hot boxing the living fuck out of that box). Seriously, in a 20 minute mixtape, I think I went through half my bag. Granted I listened to the mixtape 3 times, but you get the point.

The entire mixtape is fire, but if I had to choose a favorite from the new white hope of Chicago, I’d have to go with D.A.R.E. We take a step back on this one and go straight grit. The day-to-day struggle of the constant grind is combined with casual, and not-so-casual drug references, and not only does the beat sound like it’s one “Whoooo Woooooo” short of a recent A$AP Ferg hit, DaZs creates his own original message of feeling good and striving for the pursuit of perfectionism and success.

“Work for your dreams, work for everything that’s in between, money’s the only motive.” – excerpt from The Care Package.

True that, DaZs.

If I had to describe DaZs new The Care Package mixtape in a few words, I’d have to call it soul healing music that you can naturally nod your head to and get high to, again and again. The Fear and Loathing movie samples mixed throughout the tape help that theme, and the tracks are rearranged in a way that you get the clear message of his true passion. This is his time and in the words of DaZs, “Can’t be broke no more, I’m chasin’ that green.”

I have a feeling DaZs is going to find that green he’s been yearning for… soon.

So as I said, go to your local corner store, buy your favorite blunt wraps, roll your green, and listen. Pay attention. DaZs definitely has the potential to become Chicago’s newest breakout artist of 2015. Listen to The Care Package below, exclusively on Hip Hop Honesty!


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