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Trap Maniacs Announce A Hip Hop Compilation Series That’ll Change The Game


Trap Maniacs The Hottest EP Series Distributed… Since DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz !!! Trap Maniacs LLC, in conjunction with Game Tight Media Group Inc. has announced the production for a series of various artist EP’s. Bearing the name of his popular street mix-tape series, Trap Maniacs is the debut EP series by Hip Hop artist…

Dashius Clay Drops New Official Video For Single, Grindin [Full Review] @DashiusClay

Dashius Clay is a name that you might be hearing coming up within the near future… Judging from his most recent official video directed By Castro Tarantino, Grindin, we’re going to be hearing a lot more of the name Dashius Clay. Grindin is set in Dashius Clay’s home city of Miami, Florida, where apparently the…

Live Shameless Drops The Resistance Video From New Awaken Souls Mixtape [Full Review]

Live Shameless dropped the official video for his newest single, The Resistance, off his most recent album, Awaken Souls.  Video is doughp, sound is doughp… just like the mixtape… which brings me to my next point…   On to the mixtape review!  This review was written by the Mixtape Messenger himself, Nasir The Don. Artist:…

EsZ Brings Drake & Big Sean Influence In New Single, Away From Me [Full Review] @Estylez

EsZ Away From Me

EsZ Goes Off In New Single, Away From Me… We’ve featured EsZ before and he never seems to disappoint.  He dropped his newest single, Away From Me – and it’s f*cking doughpness.  Soooo, we wrote a full review about it. Take a listen – you won’t be disappointed!  Now, for the full full, you know,…

Killin Lyrics Goes From Hollywood To D.C. In New Album [Full Review]

Hollywood to DC Killin Lyrics

  Killing Lyrics is a proper stage name for the rapper stemming his roots out of the hardcore concrete streets of California. This rapper is a mixture of a Gangster underscore lyricist with hydraulics in his voice that fluctuates throughout his variable type rap flows. It appears to be that a mission to migrate from…

EDDE6D Dropped The Video For Kodeine Saint – You Might Want To Be Be High For This… [Full Review] @EDDE6D

The limits have been pushed with this twisted, bizarre representation of a scenery filled with codeine addicts who proudly admit to their over usage of the notorious narcotic. As controversial as this song may appear on the surface it nonetheless denotes a trapped individual crying out for help from the lord almighty to relieve him…

Darkside BayBay Releases New Album, Time 2 Eat [Full Review] @darksidebaybay

Darkside BayBay Time 2 Eat Full Review

  Darkside BayBay paints a picture that dreams can be accomplished despite one being raised in a tarnished environment… Altogether, Darkside BayBay’s Time 2 Eat album has a surreal feel to it and a down to earth rawness. Most Artists mostly differ in variety and flavor from song to song, but this music is raw throughout…

Do$$ Rollie Mixes Future & Chris Brown Influences In New Banger, Like Me [Full Review]

Doss Rollie Like Me

  As soon as the first bass note drops of “Like Me” and the auto-tuned pitched voice comes in, the first thing that hit me was, “Damn, is this Future?”  Close.  It’s not, but Do$$ Rollie, in my humble opinion, sounds like a perfect blend between Chris Brown and Future, with the instrumental choices of…

BDot Drops His Letter 2 Boosie – [Full Review] @BOOSIEOFFICIAL @Bdot817

Letter 2 Boosie

  Finally, a Letter 2 Boosie… After Badazz Boosie wrote his letter to Tupac Shakur, Texan native Baylen Jamal aka Bdot took it upon himself to write his own letter of commemoration to Boosie Badazz himself. The track gets off to a rough start after the opening bar doesn’t rhyme in cadence, but I like…

Yourz Truly Drops Uplifting Single, Going In For Life (Full Review)


Atlanta native Yourz Truly dropped some truly uplifting, motivational vibes with his newest single, Going In For Life…

As the beginning of this masterpiece of creativity says, “Started out with Love and it’s Never Gon’ End.” That simple intro merely paints a picturesque view of what is to come in Going In For Life.

The entire song is composed of positive vibes, reiterating the notion that if at first you don’t succeed, try again and again. Eventually, you will accomplish your goals. Regardless of the measures of success, the overall positive message of living in the now and capturing your dreams rings out like no other.

Have a goal but having a hard time getting focused to achieve it? Pop on some headphones and listen to this. Seriously.

In the words of Yourz Truly, “My time could come, but I’ll never know when, so I’ll live it like I’ll never see this moment again.”

True shit. Live in the now. Listen to Yourz Truly and stay up-to-date with this kid.

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What do you think Hip Hop Truthers?! Is Yourz Truly newest single, Going In For Life, Hot or Not?! YOU decide in the comment section below!