legacy keys 10 summers

Coming straight out of Nice Guy Entertainment, Legacy Keys’ 10 Summers video is set at ground zero of the historic First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota…

… Legacy Keys hometown, and throughout the extended visual we take a trip of love throughout the Twin Cities area.

I’m not sure if Legacy’s girl is a Lyft driver (check the sign), but the scene is set with Legacy and his accomplice meeting up and soon traveling to Minneapolis’s famous¬†First Avenue (RIP Prince). I’ve taken Ubers before, but after this intro I might need to look into Lyft.

What seems to be rideshare pickup turns into a scenic day date walking around the Twin Cities area, making a stop at Target Field and beyond.

“At this point, I’m thinking – is he still on the clock with Lyft? Like f*ck, this bill is going to be huge for Legacy.”

But seriously, 10 Summers definitely has that summer, crack a Corona, feel-good vibe Рtake a listen and hear for yourself.

In the end, Legacy gets dropped off, which concludes either the most expensive Lyft in history or a great day to get out and be outside with a loved one. I think the mood and lyrics of 10 Summers that’s aimed towards the obvious answers that question. You decide!

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, check out Legacy Keys’ upcoming show at the Pourhouse on September 23, 2016.

What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Legacy Keys’ 10 Summers HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!