Last week, hip hop artist Bobo Norco released information to several top hip websites exposing Tyga’s 14 year old accuser, Molly O’Malia.  However, we’ve received exclusive information from Bobo himself with the link to the full video.

In a statement released exclusively to Hip Hop Honesty, Bobo Norco, when asked about his thoughts on the Tyga/Molly O’Malia situation, was quoted as saying,

“Social Networks need to regulate these little girls from talking to us, We don’t want to deal with this shit. You got these Muffin Head lawyers trying to play a Super Hero knowing that the Headlines are always going to be in there favor”


Take a look at the video above of Bobo Norco DM’ing with Molly – showing the truth of the matter.


What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Tyg’as 14 year old accuser Molly O’Malia full of shit?! YOU decide in the comment section below!