Hollywood to DC Killin Lyrics


Killing Lyrics is a proper stage name for the rapper stemming his roots out of the hardcore concrete streets of California. This rapper is a mixture of a Gangster underscore lyricist with hydraulics in his voice that fluctuates throughout his variable type rap flows. It appears to be that a mission to migrate from Hollywood to D.C. is metaphorically a state of elevation or prized accomplishment. Gun clips, scattered shells, streets filled with drug capsules, Gangsters rocking bandanas all while the sunshine and palm trees concave the scenery denotes the livelihood of “Killing Lyrics”.


It isn’t all too rare that a rapper emanating from California would possess such lyricism as this attribute usually exist commonly in the New York area amongst some renown greats such as, “Busta Rhymes”. However though, KL seems to have a more suitable direction in his lyrical arsenal in which many could respect while capturing publicity amidst the onslaught of competition. To look more in depth, I had a keen sense of lyrical exposure in the song titled “Military Minded”. This song really demanded my attention in so that it appeared to sound reminiscent of a track that you would normally hear featured in a movie, or some GTA videogame.  While other song titles such as “Chilling in china Town” placed me in a groovy mood in which I sat back tapping my head to the rhythmic flow and instrumentals. The song titled “Ungrateful” seemed to be one designed as a personal Diss that may have addressed a matter between KL and some individual by the name of “Earl Price” who formally detached or parted ways from KL’s camp.


As far as the musical overtones of this album, I felt some of the instrumentals were heavily compressed by the sound engineer which resulted in a bit of a less dynamic or punchiness from song to song. Nonetheless, this may have been the exact sound KL wished to achieve to make his lyricism and delivery shine over the subordinate mechanics of the instrumentals. I especially enjoyed the instrumentals within my personal favorites “Military Minded” and “Chilling in China Town” which I do believe could hit platinum status if properly promoted through the correct channels and into the hands of the right people.


In conclusion, this album in my opinion seems to have that mainstream appeal but could face opposing criticism from AnR’s who have distorted views of Gangster Rap. However, those who approve would find a profitable reason to invest their energy into KL as his lyrical content and mainstream flow could affix easily to soundtracks heard in Holly Wood films, Video game tracks for EA sports, and mainstream featured content such as commercials.

This has been a review by Infinite222 with an overall score of 6.8/10

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