The limits have been pushed with this twisted, bizarre representation of a scenery filled with codeine addicts who proudly admit to their over usage of the notorious narcotic. As controversial as this song may appear on the surface it nonetheless denotes a trapped individual crying out for help from the lord almighty to relieve him of his demons while under the mind-bending influence of codeine.

Physically affixed to his couch at times, the artist EDDE6D delivers a creepy atmospheric touch throughout this entire video. Eerie looking catholic church statues, Darkness cascading scene to scene, marijuana blunts, a microphone and shotgun with a posture in which he stands slouched over at certain points, all convey the mood and demented presence of the demons tormenting his hell-bound soul as he utters his raps.


EDDE6D’s entourage appears juxtapose to him sitting on a living-room couch, waiving liquor bottles and blunts in their hands, they blend into the background as slow-motion effects enhance their dead-like presence. This is not a song for the Morally sane and most likely would be highly contested by parents upon the first glance at the video. I can hear their disapprovals ring out on massive scales while telephoning local radio stations.


The title “Kodeine Saint” is equivalent to an oxymoron whereas a saint is highly loved, respected, appreciated and praised for exuberating divine moral character as opposed to a codeine addicts who merely whimper through their livelihood, are shunned, dependable, looked down on, shown pity and considered a lowly lifeform to most. However, EDDE6D places these contrary realities together and make it interestingly work in his favor regardless.


This video makes you feel exactly it is that you see; getting high. The instrumentation perfectly syncs into the setting and dark mood of the song as you here the dulcimer tingling over a snappy snare drum and kick. While chilling pads are felt lurking in the background behind the music, you feel gripping fear trickle down your spine almost as if you’re placed in a morgue or cemetery while subjected to this madness.


EDDE6D’s Lyrical content seems shrouded in the dimensions of the song as his voice appears as if to be heard from a portal to another world. “Kodeine Saint” is a personal and abstract work of art that would be appreciated by realists, heavy stoners, groupies and overall people who gravitate towards unusual and on the edge criteria in music. The song is straight to the point and openly unapologetic. Though this song wouldn’t fit to mainstream sounding applications, it does delivery respectful originality with a well done relevant music video.


This video is reviewed by Infinite222 with an overall rating of 6/10

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