Introducing The G.OA.T Series, featuring the Top Five Rappers of All Time Hip Hop Figurines:

Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Nas and Jay Z.

biggie tupaceminem

nas     jay-z


Imagine having all your top emcees, dead or alive, in one room. What questions would you ask? Would you ask them to spit their hardest 16 or would you recite word for word one of your favorite rap lyrics? A scenario such as this would be a momentous event in any true hip hop fan’s life.

What we at 16 bars have done here is created our own hip hop cypher made up of our favorite hip hop figurines. The figurines that are displayed are an ode to hip hop; they represent the foundation and talent in which hip hop was built on. It also represents a time when real hip hop and lyricism reigned supreme. Or that time when Queens Rapper, Nas, massacred a feature by spitting,

“Start some, make my heart pump, spark one, I’m God son, Nastradamus, last one to blast one when the NARCs come.”

It’s like getting goose bumps all over your body when see your favorite basketball player hits a 3 pointer. We’re bringing that feeling back. And just $499.99 all these figurines can be yours. Each is sold separately for $199.99 but if you purchase all five today, you’ll save a whopping $460.00.

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