Darkside BayBay Time 2 Eat Full Review


Darkside BayBay paints a picture that dreams can be accomplished despite one being raised in a tarnished environment…

Altogether, Darkside BayBay’s Time 2 Eat album has a surreal feel to it and a down to earth rawness. Most Artists mostly differ in variety and flavor from song to song, but this music is raw throughout the entire Album. I love the appeal and taste throughout each song. The rugged I don’t give a (What) mentality seeps through the lyrics. Also paints a picture that dreams can be accomplished despite one being raised in a tarnished environment where crime and poverty drive the most inner strength out of you.


The album promotes a constant appeal of lyrics fluttered with magnificent SWAGG and current cultural savvy. Lifestyle seems to be the theme here, and going after what you desire in life even if it takes sacrifice and grit on your behalf. I definitely enjoyed the groove that each song emitted through my speaker system. I immediately zoned into the first song fluttered with the heartbeats of 808’s and snappy snare drums, filled with melodic synths and pads. Furthermore, the sampled voices peeking out through some of the songs are very interesting to the ears. The dark ethereal beats chosen for each song are complimentary taste to the title section of the Album, “Darkside” which is a plus to anyone listening with expectancy that the songs will match the art of the title.


“6:45am”, “Zaytiggys”, “Get Mine” and “No Fear” were my personal favorites. Though in my opinion this type of Album isn’t completely suitable for a club atmosphere, it still remains extremely catchy and appealing in other applications and dependent upon the listener, may be ones zone out music while relaxing to shot of Vodka or a light glass of wine, or when you just feel like “turning up” while cruising in your vehicle. This album is overall relevant nonetheless and relative to those who understand the concepts of a flashy, rugged, money filled lifestyle where all that follows with the territory is embraced. Money, clothes, hoes etc. I recommend vibing with a couple of close friends while playing this in the background where cups of liquor is lifted to the sky and where you’re all full of smiles and enjoying the company of one another. Music is life and people would personally extract a good sense of what SWAGG truly is by listening to this Album.

This has been approved and reviewed by Infinite222 with personal score of 7.8 out of 10

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