Doss Rollie Like Me


As soon as the first bass note drops of “Like Me” and the auto-tuned pitched voice comes in, the first thing that hit me was, “Damn, is this Future?”  Close.  It’s not, but Do$$ Rollie, in my humble opinion, sounds like a perfect blend between Chris Brown and Future, with the instrumental choices of a recent Drake, in his newest single – Like Me.

Meet Do$$ Rollie, Chicago-born, DMV raised emcee that realized his dreams of success within the music industry shortly after achieving his college education.  In 2014 Rollie released “Summer Long Mixtape” and immediately got the industry taking notice. Soon after he met Vblock Ent CEO Vblock Dutch who agreed to work with him to get to the next level. Together they’ve been working feverishly in the studio putting the finishing touches on his latest project Now , at the end of 2015, promoting his El Presidente EP, Doss has been blazing stages from city to city on an incomparable grind to be one of the most sought after in the business. The former “RawStreet” group member turned solo offers raw lyricism depicting the harsh realities of street life, all the while remaining very creatively flexible and versatile in his topics.

Like Me seems like something an old DJ Khaled might be behind, because it’s something that you can listen to anywhere.  Literally – in your car.  Boom.  It’s fucking hot.  In the club.  Boom.  It’s fucking bangin’.  Like Me is so versatile it can catch the ears of any urban music listener regardless of their go to niche’ genre choice.

If you’re a fan of Future, Drake, Chris Brown, or anyone in between, check out Do$$ Rollie.  Overall, I personally see the opportunity for Like Me to go global – you heard it here first – be on the lookout.


Check out Summer Long mixtape via Datpiff and make sure to keep your ears open for Like Me on your favorite radio station.  Also, check out Like Me on Youtube and follow on Twitter.


What do you think hip hop truthers?! Is Do$$ Rollie’s Like Me HOT or NOT?! YOU decide in the comment section below!