Letter 2 Boosie


Finally, a Letter 2 Boosie…

After Badazz Boosie wrote his letter to Tupac Shakur, Texan native Baylen Jamal
aka Bdot took it upon himself to write his own letter of commemoration to Boosie
Badazz himself.

The track gets off to a rough start after the opening bar doesn’t rhyme
in cadence, but I like the passion Bdot brings, and things fortunately
get better. The respect Bdot clearly has and attempts to emphasize in
his Letter 2 Boosie is genuine and honest, correlating the events he’s
been through that Boosie has been preaching about through his songs for
the past decade plus. At one point throughout the song, Bdot proclaims,

“I take my hat off and I salute ya, for niggas from the bottom your words
inspire hoods like words like Martin Luther…” Dope.

Seems fitting in a Letter 2 Boosie.

He takes a few cracks at the jokes of the industry, more focused on
creating trendy dance moves than spitting some real shit. So props to
Bdot on that as well.

Overall, I’m impressed, but there’s work that needs to be done. I love
the concept, the passion, and the basis behind the track. On a side
note, doesn’t Bdot look like Schoolboy Q from the side view? Just sayin’.

You can tell Bdot is real – which is encouraging. The passion is there,
the lyrics are there, but his style and bar structure needs work. Being
this in a written letter format, I can have a little lax, but a lot of
the verses were more run-on sentences, than verses, but that can always
be corrected. Just a few too many words. I’d be interested to hear more
of Bdot’s songs to see if this is consistent, or not, because with some
careful verse grooming and an upgrade in music video quality, Bdot could
be a force to reckon with in the future.

Letter 2 Boose can be found on Bdot’s latest mixtape, Not Like Us.

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