DaZs The Care Package


Head to your local corner store and pick up your favorite pack of blunt wraps – we have some new smoking music to present to you! Seriously, you can almost smell the beautiful aroma of good herb coming from the speakers the second you press play on DaZs’s newest mixtape, The Care Package, released courtesy of the Sour Batch Kids.

The Care Package hits you right out the gate with a melodic, gritty instrumental produced by ICDMAW which seems to mix perfectly with DaZs‘s raw, raspy, yet calming voice. The relentless passion to become successful and claim what is rightfully his becomes clearly apparent throughout The Care Package, and the theme sticks like glue.

A mixture of hard bass and piano-tuned beats accompanies the ever-so-natural flow of DaZs, and it’s quite obvious he’s in his natural environment from the get-go. The theme throughout The Care Package combines a mixture of love, loyalty, and over-your-head punchlines that paint a Salvador Dali-esque surreal picture of the true dream and relentless pursuit of becoming successful.

With the overflow of emerging new faces in the game and a heavy emphasis on individuality and conscience rap themes, DaZs has a knack for individually incorporating common themes of popular modern hip hop with his own style, staying out of the box on one track, then trapping you in a box in the next track (and hot boxing the living fuck out of that box). Seriously, in a 20 minute mixtape, I think I went through half my bag. Granted I listened to the mixtape 3 times, but you get the point.

The entire mixtape is fire, but if I had to choose a favorite from the new white hope of Chicago, I’d have to go with D.A.R.E. We take a step back on this one and go straight grit. The day-to-day struggle of the constant grind is combined with casual, and not-so-casual drug references, and not only does the beat sound like it’s one “Whoooo Woooooo” short of a recent A$AP Ferg hit, DaZs creates his own original message of feeling good and striving for the pursuit of perfectionism and success.

“Work for your dreams, work for everything that’s in between, money’s the only motive.” – excerpt from The Care Package.

True that, DaZs.

If I had to describe DaZs new The Care Package mixtape in a few words, I’d have to call it soul healing music that you can naturally nod your head to and get high to, again and again. The Fear and Loathing movie samples mixed throughout the tape help that theme, and the tracks are rearranged in a way that you get the clear message of his true passion. This is his time and in the words of DaZs, “Can’t be broke no more, I’m chasin’ that green.”

I have a feeling DaZs is going to find that green he’s been yearning for… soon.

So as I said, go to your local corner store, buy your favorite blunt wraps, roll your green, and listen. Pay attention. DaZs definitely has the potential to become Chicago’s newest breakout artist of 2015. Listen to The Care Package below, exclusively on Hip Hop Honesty!


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